The world�s most popular interactive whiteboard now has dual touch, making it much more than solely a front of the room device. With dual-touch capability, students can now collaborate together at the front, or anywhere else in the classroom.

Smart board M600 interactive whiteboard

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The ActivClassroom has always been all-encompassing. Now, it�s an all-in-one interactive, multimedia experience designed to capture the imagination of any type of learner. The reason: the ActivBoard 300 Pro Range, a feature-rich interactive whiteboard that combines color, motion and interactivity with integrated sound and Dual-User functionality.

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Promethian 300 Pro Range-Dual User Board

Promethian 500 Pro Range-Multi User Board

The Next Generation Interactive Whiteboard that offers a true collaborative learning experience. The ActivBoard 500 Pro�s new pen and touch technology and Windows 7 provides access to rich and engaging content creating an exciting classroom experience. The new ActivBoard 500 Pro system seamlessly integrates with a full range of ActivClassroom solutions and content. The ActivBoard 500 Pro promotes a natural way of interacting with technology modeled on real world behavior and gestures. It can accommodate multiple users collaborating on a single task. Images can be easily moved, scaled and rotated with finger touch in conjunction with real life �pen� tasks such as writing and drawing across the whole surface, increasing engagement.

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